Melasti Beach

At this time indeed Melasti Ungasan Beach can still be categorized as one of the New Tourist Attractions in Bali, You can still see it if you come there, where the road construction process and the construction of supporting tourist infrastructure are still in the works. However, you don’t need to worry, although it is still under construction, Melasti Beach Ungasan has begun to be visited by many tourists, This is reasonable because the beach in southern Bali is indeed very beautiful natural scenery around it. Expanse of sea water that spreads blue, with white limestone ornaments, and white sand and the waves make the beach look exotic. So according to Dian Dian, Melasti Ungasan Beach in the future will be able to be in line with the popularity of Nusa Dua Beach such as Sawangan Beach or Geger Beach.

Similar to Pandawa Beach, Melasti Beach is actually one of the hidden white sand beaches in southern Bali, Melasti beach location is behind a towering limestone hill, so visitors must go down and up hundreds of steps. And because of its isolated beach location, making Melasti beach in Ungasan Bali is not much known to tourists. But it is different after opening the access road to the tourist site so that vehicles can be passed by like a car by splitting a coral cliff, then at this time and in the future Melg Ungasan Beach Bali will certainly become one of the famous beach attractions in Bali.

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