Nyangnyang Beach

Nyang Nyang Beach in Pecatu Village, Badung, Bali has been named by CNN international travel as one of the best beaches in the world and must be visited in 2018. Nyang Nyang Beach is the only beach representing Indonesia on the list. “Famous as one of the hidden beaches in Bali, Nyang Nyang Beach is still not very crowded. There is a golden yellow sandy coastline, cliffs full of plants, green grasslands, blue ocean with waves suitable for surfing to be the superiority of this beach.
Nyang Nyang Beach is indeed not as well-known compared to other beaches in the South Kuta area. Proven location of this beach is still not included in the digital map. The location of Nyang Nyang Beach is before Uluwatu Temple. Access to Nyang Nyang Beach is difficult. Because of the location of the beach under the cliff, tourists have to descend hundreds of steps with a fairly extreme slope. But everything was avenged when it came to the bottom, with coarse-textured sand of golden yellow, cliff views, and high rolling waves. Nyang Nyang Beach is directly opposite the Indian Ocean, so it’s no wonder this location is called a paradise for surfers. For tourists who are not surfers, it is not safe to swim at Nyang Nyang Beach. Other activities that can be done is sunbathing on the beach, looking for shells, or camping. The best time to visit Nyang Nyang Beach is from May to October, when it is not the rainy season. If it rains, access to Nyang Nyang Beach will be slippery and difficult. After finishing exploring Nyang Nyang Beach and going back up, there is still one exciting activity left, paragliding. Don’t miss flying on the Peninsula Peninsula looking at the sunset, cliffs and beach views from the air.

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