Virgin Beach

The beauty of Virgin Beach is still natural, so it’s appropriate if tourists are interested to come.

Not only the natural nature, the location of Virgin Beach is also hidden flanked by two high cliffs Penggiang and Apen. No wonder the tourists who come really enjoy the atmosphere at Virgin Karangasem Beach because it feels like on a private beach. Virgin Beach is also not as busy as Kuta Beach. The silence and comfort created here is very suitable as a stress reliever.

The natural beauty of Virgin Beach makes this beach as one of the best beaches in the world. Even his name is often mentioned in overseas travel guide books.

White sandy Virgin beach with fine and clean grains although the expanse of sand is not too broad. Because of the clean white sand, foreign tourists give the name Virgin Beach as White Sand Beach Bali. However, local people even know Virgin Beach by the name of Perasi Karangasem Beach.

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