Brahma Vihara Arama

The Banjar Buddhist Monastery tourist attractions stand in the mountainous region with a calm and peaceful atmosphere, so it is very suitable as a spiritual area. Access to these attractions is very easy, because the road to the temple area can be reached by various types of motorized vehicles. Moreover, not far from the location of this monastery there is a Banjar Hot Spring tourist attractions making this monastery even more popular among tourists. Tourists visiting this monastery usually after bathing and soaking in the banjar hot water, then continue the visit to this monastery.

This monastery has a uniqueness that is the main attraction for tourists who visit. In this monastery, we will see a miniature of Borobudur Temple like the one in the tourist spot of Taman Nusa Gianyar. The location is in the southern part of this monastery. There is also a stupa here, where the stupa is a building that looks like a giant bell. The location of this stupa is in the northwest corner, whose sides are made of concrete, carved into reliefs whose beauty is amazing. Inside this stupa are sacred objects belonging to the Buddha, such as the relics of glittering and fire resistant objects. There are two very interesting Buddhist statues here, the Parinirwana Statue and the Buddha Statue. Both are made of gold plated bronze which is a donation from Thailand and Sri Lanka.

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